Murcielago Rear Wheel Drive Conversion

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Reid Perfomrance Murcielago Rear Wheel Drive (RWD / 2WD) conversion works with the Murcielago 6.2, LP640, LP670 and Reventon.  

Converting to RWD drops 150lbs off the Murcielago, including unsprung and rotational mass; makes the car significantly faster by reducing the drivetrain power loss between the engine and tires; increases clutch life; increases fuel economy; makes the car easier to drive at low speeds; makes clutch engagement easier; and it's 100% reversible with no permanent modification to the car. Compatible on both manual and E-Gear cars. 

The RWD conversion consists of titanium axle deletes and an aluminum transmission mounting system. The conversion has been updated and now creates a mount for the front of the transmission to the chassis, which reduces driveline flex and makes the car more rigid while protecting the transmission output shaft. 

North American Customers: Discount Toyo Tires R888r tires with purchase of 2WD conversion, 255/35r18 front and 335/30R18 rear. 

If you own the previous RWD conversion and are interested in the new transmission mount, please contact us for an upgrade.