Gallardo Titanium Hub Bolts

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Reid Performance Gallardo Titanium Hub Bolt & Nut conversion fits all Gallardo models. The bolts are compatible with both AWD and 2WD cars. 

Titanium Hub Bolts weigh 3.8oz each where the OE bolts weigh 6.2 ounces each. The Titanium Hub Bolts are stronger than the factory bolts and replace the rusty OE bolts on the front hubs, a must if running without center caps. 

Titanium Axle Nuts weigh 1.65oz each and replace the OE axle nuts on the rear hubs. 

When installing, use red loctite on the threads.

The order consists of 2 Ti Hub Bolts & 2 Ti Axle Nuts. Please allow 4 weeks build time. 

Pricing: $420.00