Diablo DTP Exhaust

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Reid Perfomrance Murcielago DTP exhaust works with the Murcielago 6.2, LP640, LP670 and Reventon. 

DTP deletes the secondaries and muffler from the system making this the loudest available exhaust for the Murcielago. DTP creates more of a high pitched sound than other exhausts. It is the lightest exhaust available for the Murcielago and weighs 110lbs less than the factory system. DTP's small size reduces engine bay temperatures. 

If your car has primary deletes, DTP removes exhaust drone throughout the powerband and will produce large fireballs. 

  DTP requires a Murcielago exhaust tip (other tips may work)                                               DTP may take up to two weeks to fabricate from the time of order.

Pricing: $1,100.00