COBB AccessPort PDK Tune

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Increased Shift Firmness
  • COBB Sport, COBB Aggressive, and COBB High Torque Aggressive maps raise the shift firmness to help reduce clutch slip.
Increased Clutch Pressure
  • COBB High Torque Aggressive maps raise the maximum clutch pressures to help reduce clutch slip after shifting. The COBB High Torque Aggressive map is typically used on vehicles that have an increased engine torque output of 50% or more over stock. A PDK relearn may be required when switching from this map to other COBB maps or uninstalling. PDK Relearn instructions are located below.
Minimized Continuous Clutch Slip
  • COBB Sport, COBB Aggressive, and COBB High Torque Aggressive maps decrease the RPM at which the clutch is engaged in continuous slip, generally between 1000-2500RPM.
Decreased Shift Time
  • COBB Aggressive maps decrease upshift and downshift time.
  • COBB Sport: Increased minimum shift points, shift firmness increased, and continuous slip decreased.
  • COBB Aggressive: All COBB Sport features plus decreased shift time.
  • COBB High Torque: All COBB Sport features plus increased clutch pressures.

PDK Relearn

  • A step-by-step guide on how to perform this procedure with the Accessport can be found here: How To: Perform PDK Transmission Clutch Re-Learn      
  • Over time clutches can wear and the thickness can decrease.  Performing a PDK relearn will help the PDK verify clutch thickness and position.  This is particularly useful after a clutch replacement or in cars with higher mileage.
  • The adaption process on the 987.2 / 997.2 / 997.2 Turbo can be quite loud and the car may clunk or lurch somewhat violently.  This is normal during the adaption process for the 997.2/987.2.