Lamborghini Murcielago Engine Panel Hardware

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Over the years, original hardware for the Murcielago engine compartment panels is lost and/or damaged. Often times the missing or damaged hardware is replaced with non-matching pieces. This kit replaces all of the visible bolts for the carbon engine panels and the rear mesh panel with black hardware. Included are retainers for the carbon panels in the event yours are loose or missing. This kit unifies all hardware to be installed an removed with a Phillips head screw driver instead of multiple tools. 
Hardware kit contents:
Carbon Panel: 10 coarse screws, 10 washers and 10 retainers
Mesh Panel: 4 coarse screws and 4 fine screws
Extra 7 coarse screws

Hardware fits all 2002 - 2010 Murcielago, LP640, LP650, LP670 and Reventon.